A yellow wonder

We took a trip to the Humane Society and brought home this sweet Yellow Lab Cross (any thoughts on what the cross might be? I think Beagle might be a possibility). She was given up due to financial hardship and her owner moving. Infested with fleas when she arrived at the shelter, she has a “severe flea allergy,” but is on the mend. What we know about her so far: she likes any kind of dog toy, playing fetch, belly rubs, kids, cats, bringing us our shoes and flopping down on the floor at any given moment with a resounding “thud.” She has obviously been loved, but doesn’t seem to know her name or some of the basic words most English-speaking dogs know – but catches on quick. Most importantly, she has been granted approval from the cat kingdom. It’s great to have a walking companion again, as our older dogs weren’t up for long treks during the last year or so of their lives. And as a bonus, she waits patiently when I stop to take pictures.

8 Responses to “A yellow wonder”
  1. What a rewarding experience! I have always wanted to earn a friend that way, but don’t have a place for them.

  2. Oregon Sunshine says:

    She looks like she’s got some hound in there. You could always find out with one of the DNA swab kits you can pick up at Petco or Petsmart if you really want to know.

    I think it’s wonderful that you adopted from the humane society! As someone who has been active in dog rescue for many years, thank you! I bet you’re girl thanks you too!

    It might just be settling in that has her all jumbled up with the English language. Things will get better as she adjusts. And perhaps she wants a different name than the one she came with (?) or the one you’re using (?). Our Roxie was the same way. She came with the name “Emmy” and wouldn’t answer to it. So, we tried every name we could think of for about 3 hours. About to give up, I said “Roxanne” because the song had been running through my head for a few days previous to the decision to adopt her. Guess what? She perked up and answered with a wag and a bark!

    Maybe your girl will do the same thing, if you’ve got a mind to try?

  3. Cait says:

    Yes, really rewarding scienceguy, hope it’s possible for you someday, too.

    I had no idea you could get a dog’s DNA tested at a pet store, Oregon Sunshine! Hound does sound about right to me, too. Thanks for the info. While she didn’t answer to the name she came with, she started answering to the new name we gave her within a day or two. I once knew a dog named, “Umbrella,” because that’s the only name he would come to! You just never know 🙂

  4. donald says:

    congrats on the new family member, she is a beauty!

  5. Sue J says:

    She’s adorable! Congratulations! Rescue dogs are wonderful — and even better that she is now cat-approved. 🙂

    I love her smile. She looks like a very sweet girl!

    • Cait says:

      Thanks Sue! We were planning to live “dog-free” for a year and see what it was like, but then couldn’t remember why we ever thought that! Your Fritz looks adorable, too! Our yellow wonder feels honoured to have been mentioned in your post!

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