Odds and ends

Could this be a Yellow Avens?

I thought I’d post a few more pictures from the fall, since I haven’t been able to get out with my camera in the past month.  I couldn’t identify the insects in the next two photos, although the beetle was abundant and seemed like it should easily be found (Edit: they are a Tarnished Plant Bug and C. interrupta).

No longer a mystery: Tarnished Plant Bug

No longer a mystery: C. interrupta

Clouded or Orange Sulphur

These little butterflies endured some cold weather and were the last ones I saw.

Box Elder Bug

I found Box Elder Bugs everywhere this fall, trying to find their way into homes to overwinter. This one was momentarily trapped in an abandoned spider’s web.

Paper Wasp

Paper wasps sometimes managed to get inside and in the cool fall weather they were extremely slow moving and easy to photograph.

I hope everyone is enjoying the season, wherever you are and however it presents itself where you live. The woods are snow covered now, with tracks from wild turkeys, deer, coyotes, rabbits, and birds meandering through them. The coyotes haven’t been howling much, but they are nearby, sometimes watching us silently from a distance as they blend into the colours of the trees behind them.

Edit: Mystery fly and bug identified thanks to the book, “Insects: Their natural history and diversity,” by Stephen A. Marshall, Firefly Books Ltd., Richmond Hill, Ontario, 2006 (pages 130 and 491).

Note: The owners of referenced or linked-to materials do not endorse me or this site.

20 Responses to “Odds and ends”
  1. Love these photos, Cait! I’m fascinated with the macro insects. I especially like the wasp on the reflective surface – a rare photo op! I also have not been able to get many photos lately – even though I live in Georgia. Rain and cold weather are the deterrents. Have a good holiday season!

  2. montucky says:

    Fantastic photos, Cait! You do such a great job with insects! I especially like the Sulphur and the Paper Wasp!

  3. Delightful images, Cait. I love your intense focus on your subjects, enabling us to glimpse the intricacies and designs inherent in even the smallest things. Thanks for taking us into this wonderful, miniature world…

  4. donald says:

    great shots! enjoy the holidays!

  5. sandy says:

    Your macros are excellent, Cait. I don’t know what the mystery fly is either, but you sure made it look good.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Wonderful bug photos! Also love that last photograph of the trees.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Thank you Lisa and happy holidays to you as well!

  8. Barbara says:

    The Clouded Orange Sulphur is spectacular! All great shots! Never seen more exquisite pictures of insects anywhere… I’ve missed my visits here. 🙂 And the one of the woods makes me long for a walk. I’m enjoying the magic of the season and am excited to see the lunar eclipse overnight if I can wake myself up in the wee hours of the morning! Wishing for you wonderful winter holidays!

    • What a sweet compliment, Barbara, thank you. Did you end up seeing the eclipse? We had cloud cover in the early hours, but I hope you had clear skies! Happy Solstice to you, wishing you some good long walks in the woods over the holidays! 🙂

  9. Lisa says:

    Beautiful macros – I love how the mention of snow in the text contrasts with what we see in the photos. Can’t wait to see what you find as the winter rolls on. Happy holidays!

  10. missusk76 says:

    Excellent macros! – every one a beautiful tribute to nature. I wish you a wonderful holiday and all the best for 2011.

  11. Just quickly dropped by to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season full of wonder and surprise, Cait.
    Best wishes,

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