Lean into the wind

Yesterday, I had the day off work because of a snow storm, and got to spend a few hours outside photographing birds.

Well, mostly chickadees.

They paused for brief moments in the underbrush.

And I often found them leaning into the wind with ruffled feathers.

Or involved in mid-flight altercations at the bird feeder.

Or just being cute.

Meredith Luce, a singer/songwriter from not too far away from here, has a song about chickadees and winter in Ottawa: Chickadee


CBC Radio 3, Meredith Luce: http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/bands/Meredith-Luce

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17 Responses to “Lean into the wind”
  1. montucky says:

    What beautiful shots of my favorite bird! You certainly hold the magic key to taking superb bird photos! These are all great, but last one is just precious! I loved that song too. Our Chickadees are singing their three note song now, and it is such a haunting call.

  2. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I love chickadees, too! They are so brave and feisty, yet cheerful and adorable, all in one robust little feathery package… Delightful pictures, Cait! What a pleasant way to spend a snow day.

  3. skadhu says:

    These—and those in the previous post—are great shots! What kind of camera and lenses are you using? I’ve been shooting with a little Nikon Coolpix but I’d like to upgrade to a digital SLR. Hopefully I’ll be able to use a lens or 2 from my old non-digital SLRs when I do, but…

    • Thanks skadhu. You’re doing amazing things with that coolpix camera of yours! I do hope you can use the old lenses on an slr when you get one. I have used a digital slr (olympus) for most of the posts, and for lenses, a macro, a 40-150, and a telephoto (150-500). I just got the telephoto as a surprise gift from my family, and used it for the last two posts. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. sandy says:

    These are so wonderful, I keep scrolling up and down while I listen to the music. You got some really nice shots. I love the pose in the first one, and those wispy little feathers in most of the photos. Good job, Cait.

  5. Thanks so much, Sandy! I think I almost got frostbite taking them, but I was happy to see how they turned out. I tried photographing a group of crows, and this made me appreciate even more your beautiful crow photos, as they wouldn’t let me get anywhere near them.

  6. donald says:

    ah, the beautiful chickadee, the maine state bird. great shots and well worth the frostbite! 🙂

  7. missusk76 says:

    Beautiful photos! If I had to pick a fave it would be #4…or maybe #!…or…. 😉
    What a great way to spend a snow day. Unfortunately if school is cancelled here because of snow (very rare) the staff (me) still has to show up. 😦

    • missusk76 says:

      P.S. Thanks for introducing me to the lovely tune too!

    • Hi Cindy, that’s too bad you never get a snow day there. Here, the only way school staff get those days off is if the schools are closed (rather than just buses canceled), and that is quite rare, but they did close on that day. I don’t work in the school system, but my workplace hadn’t had a snow day in almost 20 years, so it was a real surprise. I’m glad you liked the tune, and thanks for your kind words!

  8. Delightful images of our feathered friends, Cait. There is something quite astonishing about the spread of wings and tail in the milky light, the stilling of that motion. Thanks!

  9. You take beautiful pictures. So beautiful that I put you on my blogroll!

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