It must be spring

It must be spring, even though it snows sometimes,  since we discovered this Crocus blooming yesterday. The very first flower of the year.

And the Robins have been around for some time.

This is the only caterpillar I’ve seen so far, taking in the sun beside the vegetable garden.

The Mourning Doves stayed through the winter. Usually they fly away as soon as they detect my presence, but this one seemed curious.

28 Responses to “It must be spring”
  1. Sybil says:

    Wonderful photos.

    Spring — bring it on !

  2. sandy says:

    You have more signs of spring than we do. Nothing blooming here yet, but lots of robins. They got caught in the snow the other day, and had to find shelter wherever they could.
    The crocus blossom is lovely.

  3. Love all your nature photos! Beautiful focus on the flower. I like your new blog theme!

  4. Exquisite images, Cait! From the wondrous depths of purple in the petals of the crocus to the robin settled in a vast nest of dried glass. Simply beautiful, and they go so well with your new blog theme. It’s a very elegant look that I might try out for myself one of these days! Many thanks…

  5. montucky says:

    Beautiful selection of photos! Yes, that’s spring!

  6. Wonderful photographs as always! Love your new theme/layout – it suits your content.

  7. jwackman says:

    There you are in Ontario and your beautiful pictures clearly show that you are further along spring-wise than we are here in southern/shoreline Connecticut! I’ve done some looking into this particular season’s change–I invite you to read my post at Crocuses in the snow this week!

    • Yes, it seems strange, doesn’t it? Today it has gotten cooler again, though. The crocus might be reconsidering the whole blooming thing! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll make sure to check out your post.

  8. skadhu says:

    Lovely detail as always!

    In terms of flowers we’re ahead of you here on the we(s)t coast, but everything that popped up has been disappearing into a layer of sog. I have hopes of sunshine eventually, though. (I mean… it will come. Really. Right?) <– pathetic whimper

  9. donald says:

    the only thing blooming here on the eastern coast of maine are snowdrops, although the crocus have made an appearance along the southern coast, so it won’t be long for us. thankfully our latest round of snow has mostly melted! i am really looking forward to spring!

  10. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Oh what happy pictures! I’ve never examined a crocus that closely – stunning. Is it my imagination or are robins looking a lot plumper this spring? My mourning doves stay for the winter, too. Some of them are very curious about humans, and mine like to keep me company on the ground while I’m gardening. They get surprisingly close, tilting their heads in a questioning way. They are the “plain Janes” of birds, but I love them! The one in your photo is very pretty!

    I like your new blog theme. 🙂

    • Yes, it struck me, too, that the Robins might have fared a little better this year at their winter retreats! That’s neat that the Mourning Doves keep you company, and are curious. I’ve never seen them do that. Thanks for coming by, Barbara, your comments are always much appreciated!

  11. missusk76 says:

    Lovely, hopeful images, Cait. I am especially drawn to the Robin image. The depth of field is just perfect. I’ve seen pussy-willows and the crows are back, oh and a few skeins of geese have flown over, but the sun has some serious work to do here still. Snow is still over the 4′ fence in my yard.

    • Oh my, that’s a lot of snow, Cindy! Interesting, though, that you see these signs of spring despite that. You must notice every little thing when it arrives so gradually. Thanks for your encouraging words about my photos.

  12. missusk76 says:

    I’m happy to pass on an award with a recommendation to my readers to check out your site. You can see it here if you like.

  13. flandrumhill says:

    The caterpillar looks like a scrub brush, appearing just in time for some spring cleaning 🙂

    These are extraordinary photos Kait. The robin and mourning dove look so bright-eyed and healthy – all preened and ready for the mating season.

  14. Lisa says:

    The caterpillar shot is stunning. You have such a gift for taking what we normally recognize and viewing it in an entirely different way. Lovely!

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