Sleepy tree squirrel

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

It’s the time of year where you just want to hunker down (or, as the case may be, crawl into a hole) and enjoy the simple pleasures in life – like sunshine on your face for 5 minutes just before the first snow flurry and the knowledge that you’ve got all your winter supplies tucked safely away.

I think this is an Eastern Grey Squirrel, which can be grey overall, with some brown on the face. In the northern area of their range, it’s common for them to be entirely black. They are the largest tree squirrels in the eastern part of Canada, and don’t hibernate as ground squirrels do. They hide nuts throughout their territory to eat during the winter months, and find them using their incredible sense of smell, rather than by memory (Hamilton, 1990).



Hamilton, H. (1990). Hinterland Who’s Who: Eastern Grey Squirrel. Minister of the Environment:

46 Responses to “Sleepy tree squirrel”
  1. Lisa says:

    There is something comforting about pending winter, isn’t there? The cozy, burrowing feeling of having a casserole in the oven, a warm, fuzzy sweater, lots of movies while the snow falls outside. And that cattail pictures is simply gorgeous.

  2. Fergiemoto says:

    So cute! He looks so cozy and content in there!

  3. Sybil says:

    That warm, lazy feeling, as you linger on the edge of sleep, feeling the sun on your furry face, does any thing feel better ?

  4. Hi there
    Is it possible for you to add facebook to your “share” widget? I’d love to show this group of pics to my sister’s kids in Ireland.

  5. montucky says:

    Those photos are just precious! Prepared, safe and contented.

  6. Thanks, it seems at peace with things…I wonder what this says about the winter ahead?

  7. What utterly charming photographs of this sleepy guy! 🙂

  8. Found that share button and used it. Thanks! My friends are going to love this.

  9. Wonderful pictures of a magic moment!

  10. Meanderer says:

    Wonderful images! One senses an air of contentment around that squirrel. As you say, he is hunkered down in a safe warm place, has his supplies and is enjoying a little sunshine on his face. It’s like the base layer of Maslow’s pyramid 😉

  11. sandy says:

    Oh, how cute! I have never seen on that wasn’t bright eyed and bushy tailed. I love the color tone of all these shots.

  12. Priceless photos of the squirrel. Just wonderful portraits. 🙂

  13. Purple Rose says:

    This squirrel is so very cute!!!!

  14. He’s so cute! I love nature! Have you ever had the opportunity to feel the fur of a squirrel— a live one? I came across one once in a park that was so tame, it would let you touch it. To my astonishment, it felt very rough!

    • That is surprising, their fur looks like it would be soft. I’ve only been close to baby squirrels, while feeding them at a wildlife rehab centre – and they sure are cute!
      I really enjoyed your photos of snow in the northwest, Peggy, they are just amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. That squirrel looks so relaxed and comfy! Very cute indeed. Wonderful shots. 🙂

  16. Lovely…after days of low cloud had misted up the valley and village, yesterday sparkled with sun. A glorious walk in the mountains was my equivalent of storing nuts for the coming months! Thanks for the image of readiness!

  17. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    This is just so lovely!

  18. Oh what lovely pictures the squirrel! He looks so friendly and bight-eyed. Even though they are so common, like seagulls, squirrels are still a wonder to observe, busy at stocking their larders. The sun on his face must have felt so good!

  19. Wonderful pictures! That squirrel is tucked in and ready for some serious resting.

  20. I didn’t know that squirrels find their caches by smell rather than memory. Wonderful to learn something while enjoying these oh-so-sweet images. I’m afraid that if our local red squirrels don’t have their autumn work done by now they might be in a bit of trouble. Everything is frozen and snow covered around here.

    • It sounds like winter is upon you, Cindy. We just had our first snowy day today, but it’s supposed to melt soon. The squirrels here have it a lot easier than yours, I think! Many thanks for dropping by!

  21. stuaato says:

    Wow those squirrel shots are absolutely amazing! Really intimate portraits. Well done.

  22. It’s great that you managed to catch the squirrel looking so sleepy in the first photograph.

    I like the quotation from Hawthorne, who after all has a botanical last name.

    Steve Schwartzman

  23. Thanks Steve! Yes, a botanical last name, how can we not like him? 🙂

  24. Sue J says:

    At the risk of sounding like some of the spam I’ve been getting lately, I love what you have done with your blog. It’s always a pleasure to see what you’re capturing up there in the great white north.


  25. These are still the sweetest photos of a squirrel that I have ever seen. 🙂 Love them!

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