I live in a farmhouse in eastern Ontario (Canada) with my partner and several four-legged friends. This is my nature photo journal.

A few people have asked about the camera and lenses that were used to take the photographs here. Most of the images since the fall of 2010 were taken with an Olympus E-500 DSLR, and since winter 2011, I’ve also used a Canon EOS 60D DSLR. The lenses I use most often are a 35mm 1:3.5 macro lens, a 40-150mm 1:3.5-4.5 lens and a 150-500mm 1:5-6.3 telephoto zoom lens.

Many thanks for coming by! -Cait (an Irish version of my name, but call  me anything… well, almost!)

18 Responses to “About”
  1. judysummers says:

    Hello Cait-
    I love your WordPress site, the photos…all of it.
    You obviously live in a very beautiful space.
    I will check out your other posts. I’m rather new to WP.
    Is this a typical “free” WordPress template? Or, did you purchase a template?
    I’m very curious and very interested in getting started on my own blog.
    Thanks for your insight.

  2. Hi Judy, thanks for your lovely comment. The template I’m using now is the free WP theme called Twenty Ten. I tried a few before settling on this one. Good-luck with your new blog! -Cait

  3. Hi Cait! I think that your nature photos are truly amazing! I am looking forward to more of your beautiful posts. Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

  4. EvilPoet says:

    You’re a wonderful photographer! I have enjoyed your photos very much – the clarity and detail is really amazing. I look forward to following you as you climb the learning curve. 😀

  5. seekraz says:

    Your photos are wonderful…incredible, actually…and I love the quotations, too. Thank you. 🙂

  6. seekraz says:

    You are so very welcome…you’ve done a great job with your site…. 🙂

  7. krikitarts says:

    Hello, Cait,
    My first visit…I tried to comment on your “Still Summer” post but could find no comment box, so I’ll try opening a door here. I am enjoying your visions, and especially liked the portrait of the European mantis and your lateral shot of the ambush bug. Very nice work!

    • Hi Gary,
      I really appreciate your kind comment and how it led me to your photography site, what amazing shots! Thank you for dropping by and taking a look at things – and for pointing out the lack of a comment box on the older posts. It was fun to stumble across the ambush bug, as I’d only ever read about them before.

  8. sandy says:

    Wonderful winter header shot, Cait!

    • Thanks Sandy, it’s a photo from last year – it doesn’t actually look like winter here right now, we’ve been getting lots of rain.
      Happy solstice and best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday!

  9. seekraz says:

    Hello Cait –

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award…I hope you’ll accept it as a token of my appreciation for your blog and the content that you share with your readers. If you choose not to accept it, I will understand. Please view the link below to read about the “terms” of accepting the award:



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  • "Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door."
    - Emily Dickinson

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